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Are you upgrading to a new Mac? Is your Mac broken beyond repair? Are you frustrated with repairing it and not wishing to continue with repairs? Are you in need of cash? Whatever the reason may be, You can sell your Apple MacBook or iMac to us. Working or Not working. WebuyMac and We pay generously

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Get an Offer to sell your MacBook or iMac in Cape Town

1.Get an offer

Simply Whatsapp your Mac Serial number and send pictures showing its physical condition to +27 68 297 0325. Consultation will proceed regarding proof of ownership. Identity (copy of ID,Passport or Drivers licence) will be required. After consultation, an estimate offer will be provided pending actual physical examination,  testing and assessment of the Mac. The offer is subject to change after examination of the actual device if at all it is not found to be in order as initially stated. Meaning the actual offer is to be determined after physical assessement.

Get an Offer to sell your MacBook or iMac in Cape Town

2. Drop-off, Delivery or Collection

The easiest way to get paid is by delivering the Mac your self to our Cape Town Hub. Upon arrival , it is assessed there and then. If that is not possible, Our driver will come to you , assess and Boom get paid. Cases that need courier (beyond Cape Town), payment will be processed after device is delivered to us and assessed. Technical assessment is done immediately on arrival.

3. Get paid fast

At this stage, viewing and device assessment must be complete. A copy of  ID, Passport or Drivers license  must be provided. Due diligence is completed. An offer to sale  must be signed by the seller and buyer’s representative. Payment is processed  immediately. We do not keep you waiting. Payment is done via EFT  or Cash. At this stage after payment is processed, the process is irreversible and  the device cannot be redeemed by the seller unless he /she wishes to buy it again at WebuyMac’s sale value.

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